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Alexa Turner & Victoria Smith


Victoria Smith and Alexa Turner help clients who want to resolve their separation and divorce wisely, protect important relationships, and move forward with their lives.   They bring a recognized capacity to negotiate creative settlements that satisfy their client’s interests and values, when the dynamics are challenging and the issues complex.

Victoria and Alexa have experience working with a broad range of family clients.  They provide skillful and compassionate conflict resolution that fosters a respectful process and helps their clients create their best possible results.

Victoria Smith is a collaborative lawyer, mediator, writer, and educator.   She is an internationally recognized trainer in the process of Collaborative Practice, settlement advocacy, negotiation and communication skills; a former Adjunct Professor of Collaborative Lawyering at Osgoode Hall Law School; and the co-author of Collaborative Family Law, Another Way to Resolve Family Law Disputes, published by Carswell.  Her practice focuses on serving professionals, business owners and their spouses with high net worth or complex financial and emotional issues.

Alexa Turner is a collaborative and settlement lawyer.  She works exclusively in the area of family law, assisting clients resolve their disputes outside of the courtroom.  She works with families from all different income ranges, with simple to complex issues.

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is an efficient, client centered process that empowers clients to achieve mutually acceptable settlements, protect children, and allow the family to restructure in a wise, respectful way.

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Mediation is a process in which a couple works with a neutral mediator to resolve the terms of their separation.

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Mediation or Collaborative, which is best for you?

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