About Us


We believe that most people faced with separation or divorce are best served by being supported to resolve their matters out of court.

We know that separation and divorce takes place in emotional and financial, as well as legal dimensions, and so we believe that lawyers must work in efficient, coordinated ways with social workers, counsellors, child specialists and financial professionals to provide customized and cost-efficient client service.  Our mission is to deliver cutting edge conflict resolution services to our clients.

We are committed to supporting the evolution of the legal profession from traditional adversarial advocacy to conflict resolution advocacy.  We believe that to truly help people, lawyers must listen deeply, facilitate important conversations, appreciate the range of interests and needs (beyond and in addition to legal rights and obligations) that matter, develop sophisticated and empathic understanding of conflict, and the capacity to negotiate wise settlements that give both parties what they need and want most.

In her capacity as adjunct professor, Victoria encouraged her students to mindfully consider what their future clients might really need from a family lawyer; to be genuinely curious and respectful; and to consider the importance of working side-by-side with their clients to give them the support and information they need to resolve their issues successfully.  In her capacity as trainer and educator, Victoria encourages her colleagues to embrace this mindset, to move away from adversarial advocacy, to practice with compassion and self-awareness, and to deepen their skills and confidence in this client-centered approach.  Victoria strives to inspire her students and colleagues to redefine the meaning of advocacy.

We find working with our clients, and sharing with our colleagues what we believe and what we’ve learned, to be deeply rewarding.