Thank you for your professionalism, humaneness, candour, humour and fierceness. You have played a pivotal role in hurtling me into 2016. Onward and upward, that is a certainty. I am very content, at peace, free.


For anyone experiencing the pain and overwhelm of divorce, I could not recommend more highly the services of Victoria Smith. She guided our family through the process with empathy, candor, professionalism, and incredibly deep expertise. Her support and optimism made all the difference.


Choosing Victoria Smith as my legal representative definitely helped to lessen the stress during my separation.  I knew virtually nothing about the process of separation and divorce, and Victoria guided me through the process skillfully and with ease.

Victoria is a keen listener with amazing communication skills – she is clear, concise and full of wonderful advice.   Her pleasant and upbeat demeanor helped set the positive and principled tone of shared collaborative meetings, which was invaluable as we navigated through the issues.

If I ever had to recommend a lawyer to a friend, I would not hesitate to recommend Victoria as a collaborative lawyer.  My goal for my separation was to conduct the proceedings with respect, dignity and integrity, and Victoria exceeded my expectations!   The end result was a fair agreement, done in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost.

Many thanks.


Victoria represented me, as my husband and I worked through the details of our separation and ultimately our divorce. We wanted to use collaborative lawyers so we could end our marriage without acrimony and in a way that felt right to both of us. Throughout the process, Victoria provided me with wise counsel and a pragmatic approach to resolving all the issues, even the most difficult ones. She was friendly, compassionate and always fair. I felt that my interests were being well looked after, and we were able to get through the process much more quickly and efficiently than I ever thought possible.


After speaking to Victoria for only a few minutes, I knew instantly that she was the right person to represent me. She is smart and experienced but also compassionate, patient and kind. She said, “to select the collaborative process doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel”. Her words not only reassured me, but within weeks of working with her, I went from feeling small and alone to being empowered and hopeful. I would highly recommend Ms. Smith and the collaborative process, and I am so grateful that she was the person sitting next to me throughout the process.


I want to thank you very much for your fine mediation of our settlement. I especially appreciated you letting us go and do our work independently when we needed that – and for mediating the “moment” regarding spousal support (which for me was the heart of the matter). Thank you for your skill, support and the way you moved us through so professionally yet personably.


Personally, I have observed Victoria’s interactions with a multitude of professionals in the collaborative space. Victoria’s professional and co-operative manner focuses on delivering the collaborative objectives of acting co-cooperatively, making wise and informed decisions, and resolving disputes with dignity.
Having been involved with Victoria’s training, I can confidently endorse and recommend Victoria as the ideal collaborative practitioner; for clients and professionals alike. I would not hesitate to take any opportunity to work with Victoria.
It is clear that Victoria has a genuine, unfaltering commitment to delivering individual and client-focused results through respectful advocacy. It is with respect and without hesitation that I endorse Victoria as a leading and innovative collaborative practitioner.

Cassandra Pullos, Family Lawyer, Gold Coast, Australia