This has been one of the best advanced collaborative trainings that I’ve attended, including those I’ve participated in at the IACP Forum.  It was well worth my time away from my office to attend.  The topic presentation and the mix of the training elements [were most helpful to me].

Valerie Brennan, Financial Professional, Indiana, U.S.A.

Thank you so much for providing two days of opportunity for meaningful sharing, new and stimulating ideas, and concrete items (protocols) that we can use to expand our ability to do this work and having the opportunity to benefit from your wisdom and experience (lucky us!).  Thank you for your transparency, congruence, sense of humor, and empathy.

Mary Sanders, Family Professional, Indiana, U.S.A.

Victoria Smith’s one-day advanced Collaborative training on “Adapting Collaborative Protocols in the Complex System of Divorce” was extremely helpful to our Washington, D.C. community. Victoria is a superb presenter. She is engaging, warm, energetic and energizing, and very knowledgeable. Our attendees gave her consistently high ratings on the evaluations, and our community has continued to discuss the concepts Victoria presented. Our Collaborative community is sophisticated and well trained. We have brought several top-notch trainers to D.C., and Victoria was one of the very best. This particular curriculum is extremely helpful for professionals who have been doing Collaborative work for several years and still want to get better at it. The training is going to help us push forward to more effective work so we are all grateful to have brought Victoria to our city to teach this particular topic.

Lisa Herrick, Ph.D., Washington, D.C., April 2017

The best I have listened to — & materials. // Amazing, helpful, practical, detailed. Wish there was more time for more valuable info. // Amazing Speaker! // Excellent presentation. Would like to hear her again. // Victoria is fearless-love her!! // Wish our whole group was here to participate! // Have this speaker at all meetings. // Very engaging and dynamic. // Wow! Tremendously helpful. // Lots of info to take back to the office and apply immediately – everyone in collaborative should hear this presentation. // This information made the cost and time of attendance worth it. // Great presentation, great energy, great job!

Misc. participants, Training at 2016 Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals Conference

Excellent program, addressing a hitherto (in our NJ experience) unacknowledged area of practice, the partisan Collaborative Advocate. This was a very valuable and potentially liberating concept for all members of the collaborative team. The concept of being a reflective and self-aware practitioner is a powerful antidote to the many examples we see in our practice of narcissistic, self-interested advocacy without any appreciation of the impact we have on clients, other parties and attorneys.

Obviously a seasoned attorney and collaborative practitioner, Victoria seamlessly integrated legal, psychological, mediation and collaborative practice insights and sensitivities in her presentation. A+.

Attorney, New Jersey

If you are interested in practicing collaborative family law, this training is well worth your time and money. The training is thorough, intriguing, empowering and valuable. This is a significant part of the future of family law.

Deborah Holbrook, Lawyer, Toronto

Victoria has presented workshops to collaborative professionals throughout Australia which have received significant praise and gratitude amongst Victoria’s colleagues for her assistance in developing advanced and strategic collaborative skills. Victoria’s willingness to share her expertise and knowledge has been instrumental in expanding and evolving collaborative practice in Australia.
I have been fortunate to attend a number of trainings and workshops conducted by Victoria; at beginner, intermediary and advanced levels for collaborative practitioners. Victoria is thoroughly prepared, willing to provide invaluable resources and her presentations are always engaging. Victoria also encourages and facilitates practitioner involvement and interaction in workshops to enhance collaborative training and provide “hands on” learning.
Personally, I have observed Victoria’s interactions with a multitude of professionals in the collaborative space. Victoria’s professional and co-operative manner focuses on delivering the collaborative objectives of acting co-cooperatively, making wise and informed decisions, and resolving disputes with dignity.
Having been involved with Victoria’s training, I can confidently endorse and recommend Victoria as the ideal collaborative practitioner; for clients and professionals alike. I would not hesitate to take any opportunity to work with Victoria.

Cassandra Pullos, Family Lawyer, Gold Coast, Australia

Thank you Victoria for sharing your enthusiasm and experience in the past couple of days. It truly reminded me of the reasons I entered the practice of law in the first place. I left your training so inspired!

Andrea DeSantis, Hamilton

Victoria is an inspiring speaker, articulate, humorous, engaging, brilliant.

Thomas Schwab, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Victoria, the mark of a great training experience is how much it makes you think and reflect in the days after…  Our heads have been buzzing for days!  Thank you for a transformational experience!

John Williamson and Carrie Heinzl, Whitby, Ontario