Victoria speaks and writes frequently on the subject of collaborative practice and alternate dispute resolution. Here is a list of several of her articles that you may find helpful.

The Spectrum of Advocacy in Collaborative Practice
(with Deborah Graham) The IACP Forum, San Francisco, October 2011, Copyright 2011

Divorce Without The Devastation
The Mark News, December 16, 2009, Copyright 2010

Mediation or Collaborative Process: Which is for you?
The Joy of an Ex, Divorce Choices Inc., Copyright 2009

The Dance of Conflict
Plenary Talk, Second European Collaborative Law Conference, Cork, Ireland, 2008

The Changing World of Family Law – Substantive Law and Practice Tips
Ontario Bar Association 2008 Institute, February 4, 2008

The Ally In Collaborative Practice
Matrimonial Affairs, April 2006, Volume 17, No 3.

Going to Court is the Only Way to Ensure You Get Your Fair Share
Divorce Magazine, Winter, 2004

“Miglin-Proofing” Your Separation Agreements
(with Judith Huddart) 2004 National Family Law Program, LaMalbaie, July, 2004 12

Collaborative Family Law: Our Experience So Far
(with Sharon Cohen) Matrimonial Affairs, March 2003
Interaction, December, 2003

Collaborative Law: Promises and Challenges
Interaction, December, 2003

Collaborative Family Law
Peel Briefs, May 2002

Collaborative Law – More of the Same or a Quantum Leap?
Matrimonial Affairs, April, 2002

Collaborative Law – A Humane Approach to Resolving Family Disputes
Institute of Law Clerks, Ontario Newsletter, March, 2002